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Khan on being called a terrorist

Khan on being called a terrorist and a P***, being wowed by Beckham and how he blames himself for past mistakes but finally feels he is coming of age

EXCLUSIVE BY JORDAN SEWARD: It is late in the afternoon and the shrill beeps and honks of congestion fill the air around Bolton train station. Just over a mile away, past the crossroads of shops, past the local museum and aquarium near the eastwards flowing River Croal is Prince Street. It is here that a King calls his home. As locals trudge the isles of Lidl searching the shelves for their weekly essentials, next door Amir Khan is displaying some of that blistering hand speed which has earned him millions throughout a 13-year professional career in boxing. He is at his Gloves Community Gym and has arrived early for our appointment.. Seldom does this happen. The man who is tasked with organising his diary smiles: ‘He’s never usually running on time.’ Punctuality is certainly not Khan’s best quality. It becomes abundantly clear what that is in the 40 minutes I spend in his company.

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