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Mr. Ehsan Mani- Strike or Quit Gracefully!

Dear Ehsan Mani Sahib


I am addressing you at a juncture when Pakistan Cricket Board is crumbling because of an ill-conceived conspiracy of a junta comprising few disgruntled Board officials, a member of the BoG with a political background, and a notorious blackmailer from Islamabad who has become Maulana Fazalur Rehman of national cricket who can’t live without PCB.

Mani Sahib, when Patron-in-Chief Prime Minister Imran Khan had nominated you as chairman of the Board, I had opposed and suggested in my article: “PCB doesn’t need a charted accountant but a strong cricket administrator to eliminate Mafia”. The suggestion was made without any hatred towards you but in the context of a general concern about your acquaintance with some top players of PCB Mafia XI. I knew that in the presence of incumbent PCB Mafia you will not be able to bring any tangible change which we need badly to streamline Board affairs.

Mani Sahib you had very few critics in Pakistan when you took control of PCB in August last. I had opined that you would face less opposition but your decisions to streamline the affairs of Pakistan cricket would be closely monitored by the critics. Again I opined in another article: “Flushing out PCB Mafia XI is a test case for Mani”. Let me apprise you Mani Sahib, because you have little time for reading or listen sensible suggestions, what I had said: “The most challenging task before Ehsan Mani would be to eliminate powerful PCB Mafia XI residing in the Gaddafi Stadium, National Stadium, Karachi and National Cricket Academy. Starting from their godfather Subhan Ahmad the list is filthy long”. I had feared that the PCB Mafia XI would go scot free under you which would be disastrous for Pakistan cricket! And it vindicated.

Mani Sahib, I had also suggested you and I reproduce for your eye again: “The PCB needs a complete purge to get rid of courtiers and pigmies. On principle, it is imperative for the new chairman to immediately sack/suspend all those PCB officials facing FIA investigations including Subhan. (Mani Sahib you also need to investigate COO’s alleged role in a futile attempt to sell PSL and award broadcasting rights to a foreign based satellite channel before your entry in the PCB). Last but not the least, Mani would have to tackle another person from Islamabad who maneuvers and finds a place in every chairman’s good book. This notorious blackmailer has many vested interests in Pakistan cricket and he would go to any length to safeguard them”.

Mani Sahib, you advertently supported tainted Wasim Akram and I apprised you about Justice Qayum’s recommendations. You made him member of Cricket Committee which according to media reports is now dysfunctional. I again apprised you about the ineptness of YES MEN Wasim Bari and Haroon Rasheed but you didn’t bother. You brought back incompetent Haroon from Karachi to Lahore to work on domestic cricket but he was rightly snubbed by the Patron-in-Chief. Shafqat Naghmi has been inducted who had inflicted massive financial losses to the Board in his previous stint. I kept on identifying flaws and irregularities in Board affairs but perhaps PCB media department whose primary duty is to keep abreast the top management about media reports, particularly the Chairman, advertently hid all those from you at the behest of Mafia, or you ignored them.

Mani Sahib, on April first I had again forewarned in yet another article: “Beware Waseem Khan- PCB Mafia is after you”. But you took it as April Fool and my fears vindicated on April 17 when a politically motivated member of the BoG dispersed the meeting in Quetta. If we ordinary sports journalists had prior information about what was cooking in the pot how you at the helm of PCB affairs didn’t know?

Coming back to the REVOLT of Nauman Butt whom PCB has issued him a notice for misconduct for violating provisions of Article 19 of the Board Constitution, and referred the complaint to an independent adjudicator, Mr. Justice (retired) Fazal-e-Miran Chauhan under Article 10 (6). Mani Sahib, you are again lenient The COO Subhan Ahmad and chief of Islamabad Regional Cricket Association have also violated the same clause of the constitution for allegedly hatching a conspiracy against the Board. The COO, according to reports, was trying hard to impress and convince you that he was not involved in any such plot. Many believe that during the course of Pakistan One Day Cup, the COO, the notorious blackmailer and Nauman Butt allegedly drafted the script of the Quetta BoG meeting. Please don’t believe the COO.

Mani Sahib, Aasteen kay Saanp are around you and you can’t overlook them. It is about time that you assert and issue Show Cause Notices to Subhan Ahmed and Shakil Shaikh for blatantly acting against the interests of Pakistan cricket. If you can’t, Quit Gracefully!


Asif Suhail

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